Simple guide (steps) for startup farmers following
Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture
Assuming you have farmland and want to do
sustainable organic natural agriculture  

1) Water Source:
     You may have different type of water sources (River, lake or any other water body), but it is very important to replenish ground water resource. This can be easily achieved  by digging a swale (it is similar to a ditch) - visit the following page and watch the right hand side video:

Swale at EA Farms.

Use water wisely.

2) Soil Testing:
Contact regional Agriculture offices and analyze the soil - then you can plan on your crops, plants and trees. Also you can get information from local farmers on the crop (historical data) that grows better. Finally you can device a plan and follow.

3) Cattle:
     At least you need few cows - cow dung is needed for natural agricultural nutrient preparation (Milk will be an additional product).

Then you need to focus on mutliple crops and plants - Permaculture, Zero budget farming.


4) Marketing:
 First start with local people. Make them support local farm produce that is produced with no chemicals. Then you can reach whatever level you want to go. Sky is the limit.

These topics will help you in starting and jumping into action.

Good Luck.

Pl. feel free to contact us if you need any information,
we will be glad to share our knowledge.