At EA Farms, we understand the necessities of water conservation. Water is the main part of any agricultural system. Since water management is an ultimate necessary for farm activities, we plan and carry out many water conservation techniques that are essential for EA Farms. Our main source of water is rainwater and ground water. We plan and save rain water through our rain water harvesting systems.
A swale is a low indent of moist land that is a water harvesting ditch on contour. Swales are often designed to manage water runoff, remove pollutants, and increase rainwater harvesting. The swale is also an important structure that plays an important part in permaculture. At EA Farms we use swale as an important feature for facilitating runoff infiltration into the soil. Our vegetation and agro-forestry trees benefit from the rainwater runoff. Agro-forestry trees also provide shade which decreases water evaporation.
Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation has been used historically in agriculture. People used to bury pots filled with water which would feed the plants and trees slowly. Modern drip irrigation is achieved by using valves, pipes and tubes. Through the narrow water tubes, water is trickled slowly to the roots. At EA Farms we use water storage tank that gets its water from ground bore well. This tank is filled with small fishes, which eats any mosquito larvae and its waste enriches nutrients to the plants. We also make traditional water contours and trenches that provide water to the plants and trees efficiently.

Swale video

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