About Us

EA FARMS is located at Servaikaran Palayam Village, Pollachi Taluk which is about 17 km from Pollachi town, Tamilnadu, India. Nearest airport to EA Farms is Coimbatore International Airport (CJB). The land is also closer to Kerala border. We are turning the farm into a high density multi crop producing integrated Sustainable Organic Natural Organic farm land development. We grow coconut trees, mango trees, pulses, millets, agro forestry trees such as teak, neem etc. As a part of integrated farming, we are into Dairy farming. Based on our experience and education we are improving the status of agriculture in the land, through sustainable farm development. As part of sustainable usage of water, various irrigation methods such as drip, sprinklers, etc are applied to manage water. We also reuse the water source and several other techniques to produce high yields with minimum usage of water. At EA Farms, all required input for the farm is generated within the farm.
Our Land:
* EA Farms is located in Servaikaran Palayam, Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India, which has an average elevation of 961 feet above mean sea level.
* Pollachi falls under the Moderate rainfall zone (800 - 999 mm) annually. Pollachi benefits from both South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon.
* The proposed site is situated 17 kms away from Pollachi town, where the maximum temperature is 32C and the minimum temperature is 20 C. The relative humidity is 40 - 60% with low to moderate wind velocity.
Soil Characteristics:
* The soil of the land is coarse sand and red loam and pH is around 6.0 7.5 and Electrical Conductivity (EC) is 0.06 0.13 mS/meter which is suitable for the plantation and horticultural crops. We test the soil regularly and the required nutrients are substituted by organic manure.
At EA Farms, we carry out activities guided by Experienced and Educated Professionals who care about Human Health, Environment and Sustainable Development. Our objective is to promote more organic agricultural production (yield) through Sustainable Farming. We are into this for not only economic and agricultural benefits, but also will create awareness and a prototype of model for future land developments. To learn more about EA Farms - contact us.

Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development