At EA Farms, we want to collaborate with scientist to conduct research that will be useful for human kind. We are already into real time environmental research and find out which is good agricultural practice suitable for our environment. We are already involved in scientific research at EnviroApps Inc. We welcome scientist to collaborate with us and conduct useful experiments at EA Farms. We are open to solar, water, air, resources, agricultural and environmental research at our farms. At EnviroApps Inc we have been involved in working with scientists from United States, India and other countries. We at EnviroApps have lots of experience in Environmental Sciences Research. We want to take the research into real world implementation and we are doing so. Environmental Sciences, phyto extraction and remediation, Integrated farming, zero budget farming, permaculture, Innovative ideas in agriculture, Plants sciences, Sustainable Agricultural, Microbiology, and Natural resources are some of the areas we are interested. If you are scientist and want to implement your finding in real farm environment contact us.


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