At EA Farms we are into using natural resources at the minimum level, but efficiently. We use water minimally and efficiently throughout the farm. We are into replenishing ground water, rainwater harvesting and other techniques that conserver water.

At EA Farms we tap into cow manure to produce methane gas through our Gobar gas system. It serves us the gas for cooking and heating. We would be extracting lots of natural products were heating is required and we are excited to use the natural resource – biogas. At EA Farms, we have enough cattle to produce the necessary raw material for the production of the biogas. This way we are reducing the carbon footprint at EA Farms.

At EA Farms we are into the use of the Solar power. We harness solar power  at EA Farms for water distribution. We are also researching into harnessing wind power which is available in abundance at the area. However these resources will not be used for commercial production, but will be used as self sustainable alternative energies at EA Farms. For more about Natural Resource usage and conservation, contact us.

Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development


EA Farms

127/2E2, Servaikaran Palayam,

Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore,

TamilNadu, India