Water is very important resource and day by day lots of water resources are depleted. If water management is not properly done, it will affect individuals, countries and even the whole Globe. Water is important for sustaining life and for plants they are the main ingredient for the growth. At EA Farms we are involved in water conservation and on constant study to use water efficiently. We have efficiently utilized swale in our farm to replenish the ground water as it the main source of regular water other than the rain water. We have implemented drip irrigation all along the farm to conserve water. With our innovative ideas we will improve our water conservation and efficient utilization of water in the future. Also we would implement natural water purification techniques. One such example would be utilization of activated carbon from our own coconut shells as a part of our water treatment technique. For more information of water conservation, utilization, swale creation, ground water replenishment and treatment contact us.




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