Milk contains various components such as Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and vitamins needed for growth. Several commercial and useful products can be produced from milk. Butter, Buttermilk Cheese, Whey, Cream and many other products can be produced from milk. Milk is a major contributor towards nutrition and food. Less fat milk is always better and has ingredients that are helpful for best night sleep. Chemicals, hormones, adultery makes milk very harmful. At EA Farms, we produce pure milk and products without adding any chemicals during the process. We clearly know that - what you feed the cattle comes in the milk. So we grow cattle food without applying any chemical and feed our cattle throughout the year. At EA Farms we use cow dung as our farm spread manure. Our lands are fertilized with cow dung. We produce jeeva mirtham from them and spread them in our fields. For our pure milk and products contact us.






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