Cattle are very important part of the EA Farms. They provide the necessary manure for the EA Farms. We add other ingredients to the manure and spread it all along the EA Farms. We also have good production of milk. We feed these cows with our own farm grown crops without any input human made chemicals. These cattle provide us many important things that are necessary for integrated natural agricultural methods at EA Farms.
Goats are important part of integrated agriculture systems. They provide milk, manure, and fiber, meat and hide. At Ea farms we rear goat for manure purposes and then sell them to other farmers. We planning to rear goat in traditional ways and use them to feed on weed. They are used for several ways that benefits the farm in natural way. We are planning to integrate goats in a Stall-fed goat farming method in near future at EA Farms.
At EA Farms we want to use chickens as part of our integrated farming. Chickens can be reared as a source of food, for both their meat and their eggs; however we want to raise them for the manure and their involvement in control of unwanted pests and flies.
In future we want to increase the varieties of animals that are grown at EA Farms which will support our Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural methods. We will venture in rearing dogs and birds.

Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development


EA Farms

127/2E2, Servaikaran Palayam,

Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore,

TamilNadu, India