At EA Farms we believe in Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture. We clearly understand that plants grown using natural manure for growth are better than grown using human made chemicals. Most of the plants are packed with essential phyto elements, minerals, vitamins, nutrients and health inducing compounds, phytochemicals and health ingredients that fight against dreadful diseases.
At EA Farms we want to tap into such essential phyto-ingredients by means of pure phyto extractions. You can study about compounds such as caprylic acid from coconut and vegan omega 3-fatty acid from Portulaca oleracea. We want to extract such types of essential oils, powders, materials from the plants and trees grown at EA Farms. More info about our phyto extractions, contact us.

Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development


EA Farms

127/2E2, Servaikaran Palayam,

Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore,

TamilNadu, India